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    XenForo 1.2 now has a "route filter" feature which functionally replaces this addon. Moving forward you should use the "route filter" feature in 1.2 instead of this addon.
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    VD: Mẫu Đã Làm

    This addon lets you change any URL route. For example, this URL:

    Can be changed to this:

    - allows you to change any URL route including routes from third party addons.
    - supports forward and backwards route changes, such as if you change a route and then decide to go back to the original route.
    - redirects are handled automatically by XF for all important routes including forums, threads, members, pages, categories, and attachments.

    Here is a picture of the settings page:

    Installation: (Xã nén rồi upload folder trong library/RouteChanger và cài đặt file XML trong Add-ons )
    This addon uses the standard install procedure...

    1) Upload the files. The zip file contains an "upload" folder. Upload the contents of that folder, thereby creating a library/RouteChanger directory on your server.
    2) Import the XML in your Admin CP. You can enter the path to the XML file on the server (./library/RouteChanger/addon-RouteChanger.xml) or use the Browse button to upload it from your computer:

    Redirects are handled automatically so search engine links will update and preserve your rank. But you don't want to go changing your routes often. Be thoughtful when changing your routes, and try not to change your mind later.

    Technical details:
    1) This addon doesn't change anything in the database. It is an added layer that changes routes and links at run time. This addon can be disabled or uninstalled without any lasting effects, but of course you will lose the route changes you implemented which will break old links and may affect SEO.

    2) All templates and PHP code that use link syntax can and should continue to use the original routes. So if I use this addon to change "forums" to "boards" then my link syntax in the templates should continue to use "forums". This addon intercepts and changes links on the fly without requiring any changes to the internal routes.

    3) This addon has 0 query overhead.

    Note that this addon has a conflict with XenPorta but you can work around it. XenPorta has an option to swap out the index:

    But the Route Changer addon overrides this option in XenPorta. If you use XenPorta and want to keep your portal at the index then you need to disable the above checkbox in XenPorta and apply the following route changes in this addon:

    - RouteChanger phiên bản mới.
    - RouteChanger phiên bản củ.

    - Nguồn tổng hợp:

    Các file đính kèm:

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    ai chỉ mình cách xóa bài vừa đăng với,

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